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We develop, manufacture and distribute innovative products for cooling,
heating and illuminating switchgear cabinets.




Ambient temperature, humidity, installation situation and exposure to sunlight are some of the decisive factors for cabinet air conditioning. We develop, manufacture and distribute all the appropriate components, such as switchgear cooling and heating units or filter fans, taking all relevant factors into account.


Lights need to work reliably; they are essential for the electrician called to fix a system fault or failure. We manufacture high-voltage LED switchgear cabinet lights that offer brightness, robustness and longevity for industrial applications.


Document pockets, plug sockets and ground straps, as well as an extensive program of thermostats and control units for filter fans, heaters and Peltier coolers are just some of the essential accessories available for switchgear cabinets. This is another field in which we supply practical products with added benefits.

Our TOP-News

The standard Peltier unit is now fitted with a mains adapter for connection to power supplies from 100-240 V AC.


The Peltier cooling unit PK50 has been specially adapted to comply with hygienic design requirements in the food & beverage industry.


We offer you a wide range of standard switchgear cabinets and wall-mounted enclosures. Customized cabinets and many other special articles available...