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Welcome to ELMEKO

We develop, manufacture and distribute innovative products for cooling,
heating and illuminating switchgear cabinets.




Ambient temperatures and humidity are also relevant; so are installation situation and exposure to sunlight. We develop and manufacture components such as coolers and heaters that take account of every relevant factor.


Lights need to work reliably; they are essential for the electrician called to fix a system fault or failure. We manufacture high-voltage LED switchgear cabinet lights that offer brightness, robustness and longevity for industrial applications.


Document pockets, ground straps and plug sockets as well as a extensive program to control the air-conditioning components are just a few of the practical accessories available for switchgear cabinets. This is another area in which we regularly break new ground with innovative products.

Our TOP-News

ELMEKO has expanded its existing range of compact Peltier cooling units with the addition of the new Slim-Fit compressor cooling units, for which it...

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The new LED light models LE-300/600-LB from ELMEKO enable the energy-efficient, true-colour illumination of work areas and machine sections. The light...

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