Stainless steel gill plates for filter fans

As a complement to the customary filter fans and corresponding exhaust filters available, ELMEKO has now launched special weatherproof, corrosion-resistant gill plates made of high-quality polished 1.4301-grade stainless steel in the market. The gill plates KB 200-600 are suitable for fitting to filter fans LV 200 to LV 800 and do not protrude more than a few millimetres from the surface of the switchgear cabinet.

No alterations to the cut-out are required for installation of the gill plate; simply drill out the four optional mounting holes on the filter fan. The outer grille of the fan is replaced by the stainless steel gill plate with filter frame, which is securely bolted on the inside of the cabinet with threaded bolts. The gill plate can only be released from inside, so the robust construction is vandal-proof, as well as being absolutely UV-resistant due to the stainless steel material used.