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Heaters without fans

Heaters protect components in a switchgear cabinet from excessively low temperatures and prevent the occurrence of condensation in the cabinet as a result of marked fluctuations in temperature or increased humidity. We offer heaters with or without fan for different operating voltages. The electrical power capacity ranges from 10 W up to 1,000 W. Special designs, for example with mounting plates, are available at short notice.

SM 10 - SM 45
PTC-heaters with capacities of 10-45 Watt. Available for voltage range of 110-240V or 12-24V, AC/DC.
SH 60 - SH 150
PTC-heater, capacities 50-150 Watt. Voltage range 110-240V AC/DC.
SF 35 - SF 55
Heaters with fixed resistor, Capacities 30-55 Watt, 24V AC/DC or 400V AC/DC.