Peltier-Controller TPC 300

45 TPC 300V2
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TPC 300 is a multi-functional controller for controlling and monitoring thermoelectric coolers and dehumidifiers. In addition to various control programs, there are extensive monitoring options and a serial interface for communication. Temperature and humidity in the control cabinet are regulated.
The function of the fans, the Peltier elements, and the internal temperature are monitored. Two more temperature sensors can be placed, for example, on one of the heat sinks and also used for monitoring.

More Information
Product Name Peltier-Controller TPC 300
Switching function switching heating + cooling
Temperature range -20 - +70°C
Sensor 1 humidity-temp sensor
Switching capacity 20 A (24V DC)
Voltage 24V DC
Weight 0,20 kg
Delivery time about. 3-4 working days