Peltier-Controller TPC 300

45 TPC 300V2
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The TPC 300 is a multi-functional controller for controlling and monitoring thermoelectric coolers and dehumidifiers. In addition to 4 different control programs, there are extensive monitoring options and a serial interface that enables easy configuration, communication, and visualization using the TPC-Monitor software, which is available as a download. The temperature and humidity of the control cabinet are regulated, and the function of the fans, the Peltier elements, a door contact switch, and the system voltage are monitored.

More Information
Product Name Peltier-Controller TPC 300
Switching function switching heating + cooling
Temperature range -20 - +60°C
Sensor 1 humidity-temp sensor
Switching capacity 20 A
Voltage 24V DC
Weight 0,20 kg
Delivery time about. 3-4 working days