Drainage devices

The all-in-one solution for pressure equalization and drainage in housings with a high protection degree

Rapid temperature and pressure fluctuations can result in a pressure difference in the enclosure between the inside of the enclosure and the environment. A negative pressure in the enclosure can result in moist air being sucked in from the outside, for example: through the enclosure seal. The moist air condenses in the enclosure and leads to corrosion or even a short circuit.
Using the ELMEKO OUT-FIT results in permanent pressure equalization, which prevents the formation of condensation.


  • effective ePTFE membrane for pressure equalization
  • Integrated check valve for safe drainage
  • The high degree of protection of the enclosure is retained, waterproof and dustproof
  • Universal hose connection for various condensate hoses
  • Drainage of the water collected on the bottom of the enclosure
  • Reduction of maintenance intervals and costs
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Entwässerung und Druckausgleich
M20 x 1,5
Bottom, outside
Without pressure equalization Water on the bootm is drained off + hose connection

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